Tantra massage helps to overcome blocked streams of human energy and ease natural passion via gentle touches. Is very unique and each person feels the pleasure differently.

The very basic in the beginning is to create a trust and confidence between you and masseuse. Verbal introduction and talking is the perfect way to understand each other and find out what a perfect tantra massage is for you. Which body party are the most sensitive and where exactly you feel chill and pleasure, if better be quiet or talking, soft and gentle toucher or massage harder.

After kind talking you may go to phase 2 – real touching. In every good studio, hygiene is a must so shower is the second thing to do. After that you are ready for the real tantra massage touches.

From our rich selection you may choose the perfect program for you, e.g. body to body, nuru massage, sower together or exclusive tantra massage.

After shower, you will enter the tantric room and start with Namaste ritual.

čo je tantra masáž


Namaste is a traditional Hindu greeting which means “I bow to you”. Palms together and up. This greeting is 5 thousand years old, used in many cases.

Tantric massage is a work with human body.

After Namaste ritual you will lay on comfy mattress. A masseuse will take soft care massaging your back or other types of pleasant touches. Target is to ease the pressure from your body and let the energy go out. Slowly breathe and relax.

After some time you will lay on your back and the lady will take care of your shoulders, hands, chest and go slowly to your feet and gently to intimate zones. The lady will find on her own what is the best for you. She feels your breathing, body language and mimics.

You can chill and rest after the massage is finished, drink water and slowly go to the shower.


Is in us from the very beginning and drives us during the whole life. It is a fuel for our passion and pleasure. Determines our mood and lifestyle and creativity. We need great balance – relaxed body and mind.

Tantra massage:

  • helps to control our natual sexuality
  • energize our body
  • relaxes our mind
  • releases stress and tensions
  • enriches happyness

Insipred from the source: Monika Michaelová www.cestyprozitku.cz a web